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Dinner Plate Dahlia - Technique of the Month 2019
Amethyst - Judy Niemeyer - YouTube Worx Session
New in December
      Diaphanous - In The Beginning
      Sunnyside Up - Moda
      Books, Patterns, Etc. December 2018
New in November
      Bird Song - Northcott
      Modern BG More Paper - Moda
      Spring Fever - Jane Sassaman
      Chalk and Charcoal - Robert Kaufman
      Books, Patterns, Etc. November 2018
      Bohemian Dreams - Wilmington Prints
      7th Inning Stretch - Wilmington Prints
      Batik Textiles
      3D Underseas Adventure - Northcott
Clockworx - Niemeyer pattern - workshop with Linda at Mountain QuiltFest 2019
50% Off Super Savings Sale
Judy Niemeyer Fabrics - Quiltworx
Vintage Rose and other Niemeyer kits
Precuts - Kaffe, Batiks, etc.
Historic Reproduction Prints
      Latimer Farms - Marcus Brothers
Brandon Mably - Closeouts
Judy Niemeyer Patterns & Kits
Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork
Kaffe Fassett & Friends
      Kaffe Fassett
      Kaffe Fabric Packs
      Kaffe Stripes, Checks
      Kaffe Shot Cottons
      Artisan - Kaffe Fassett
      Kaffe Fassett Books
      Kaffe Fassett - Wide Backing
      Brandon Mably Collection - Westminster Fibers
      Philip Jacobs's Collection
The Lorax, Cat in the Hat, Celebrate and Grinch - Dr. Seuss
Holiday Collections
      Merrily - Moda
      Christmas - Moda
      Holiday Collections - Robert Kaufman
      Quilting Treasures - Winter
      Juniper Berry - Moda Fabrics
      Berry Merry - Moda
      Poinsettia - Andover Fabrics
      Northcott Christmas 2016
      Reason for the Season - Wilmington Prints
      My Little Chickadee - Benartex
      Holiday 2017 - Timeless Treasures
      Christmas In The Wildwood - Wilmington
      Magic Of The Season - Wilmington
      A Festive Season - Benartex
      Hoffman Christmas 2017
      Bringing Home Christmas - Wilmington Prints
      Vintage Santa - Quilting Treasures
      Holiday Wishes - Henry Glass
      Hoffman Holiday 2018
      Arctic Wonderland - Wilmington Prints
      Christmas Village - Studio E
      Morris Holiday - Moda
      Winter Village - Moda
      Wintertide - Moda
      Christmas - Wilmington Prints
      Quilting Treasures Christmas
      Let It Snow - Blank Quilting
      Deck The Halls - Windham Fabrics
      Winter Elegance - In The Beginning Fabrics
      Holiday Clearance
            Trinkets - Andover Fabrics
            Dimples - Andover Fabrics
            Cloverdale House - Andover
            Edyta Sitar - Blue Sky
            Giggleswick Mill - Andover Fabrics
            Bally Hall by Di Ford-Hall - Andover
            Majestic - Andover Fabrics
            Clotted Creams & Caramels - Andover Fabrics
            Linen Texture - Andover Fabrics
            Crystal Farm - Andover Fabrics
            Franklin By Kathy Hall - Andover
            Little House On The Prairie - Mansfield
            A Splash Of Color - Andover Fabrics
            Maling Road - Andover Fabrics
            Sequoia by Edyta Sitar - Andover
            Key West by Di Ford-Hall - Andover
            Something Blue by Edita Sitar - Andover
            Hoffman Batiks
            Hoffman 1895s - Watercolors
            Shibori - Anthology Fabrics
            Island Batiks
            Kaufman Batiks
            Anthology Batiks
            Tonga Batiks - Timeless Treasures
            Batik Textiles
            Batiks by Mirah - Parkside Fabrics
            Moda Batiks
            Bonfire - Moda Batiks
            Wilmington Batiks
            Koala Baby - Benartex
            Renaissance Man II - Benartex
            Kismet by Paula Nadelstern - Benartex
            Natures Pearl - Benartex
            Play Ball - Benartex
            Wonderlust - Benartex
            Benartex Arrivals June 2017
            Encore - Kanvas
            Railway Express - Benartex
      Blank Textiles
            Vintage - Blank Quilting
            Pink Lady by Karen Embry - Blank Quilting
            Redwood Express - Blank Quilting
            Sea Buddies - Blank Quilting
            Old Farmstead - Blank Quilting
            American Dream - Blank Quilting
            Faithful Friend - Blank Quilting
            No Kind Left Behind - Blank Quilting
            Coast To Coast - Blank Quilting
            Puppy Love - Clothworks
            Quarter Deck - Clothworks
            Fuchsias and Hummingbirds - Clothworks
            Land That I Love - Clothworks
            Sea Cottage by Iron Orchid Design - Clothworks
            Painter's Palette Solids - FabriQuilt
            Portofino - Paintbrush Studio
            Market Medley - Fabri-Quilt
      Free Spirit
            Haute Zahara - Dena Designs - Free Spirit
            Natural World - Westminster Fabrics
            Kelmscott - Free Spirit
            Sundara Oasis - Dena Designs for Free Spirit
            Merton - Free Spirit
      Hoffman Fabrics
      In the Beginning
            Texture Graphix - In The Beginning
            Dit-Dot - In The Beginning Fabrics
            Dreamweaver Blender - In The Beginning Fabrics
            Winter Twist - In The Beginning Fabrics
            Ajisai - In The Beginning
            Mini Ikats - In The Beginning Fabrics
            Romance - In The Beginning Fabrics
            Floral Menagerie by Gray Sky Studio
            Garden Delights - In The Beginning
            Dreamscapes II - In The Beginning
      Robert Kaufman
            Effervescence Digital - Robert Kaufman
            Robert Kaufman New In March
            Terrarium - Robert Kaufman
            Sand In My Shoes - Robert Kaufman
            Sevenberry In The Press - Robert Kaufman
            Quilter's Linen - Robert Kaufman
            Penned Pals - Robert Kaufman
            Reef - Robert Kaufman
            Tigerfish by Mckenna Ryan - Robert Kaufman
            Vincent Van Gogh - Robert Kaufman Fabrics
            Imperial Collection 12 - Robert Kaufman
            Palais Jardin - Robert Kaufman
            Pacific - Robert Kaufman
            Claude Monet - Robert Kaufman
            Rhoda Ruth - Robert Kaufman
            Woodland Clearing - Robert Kaufman
            Shades Of The Season 9 - Robert Kaufman
            Sound Of The Woods - Robert Kaufman
            Picture This - Robert Kaufman
            Sugar Plum - Robert Kaufman
            Valley Of The Kings 2 - Robert Kaufman
            Old Guys Rule - Robert Kaufman Fabrics
            La Provence - Robert Kaufman
            Sweet Charlotte - Robert Kaufman
            Pond by Elizabeth Hartman - Robert Kaufman
      Marcus Bros.
            Mostly Manor - Marcus Fabrics
            Paula Barnes - Marcus Brothers Textiles
            Red Rose & Vine - Marcus Brothers
            Indigo by Paula Barnes - Marcus Brothers
            Bristle Creek Farmhouse - Marcus Bros.
            Remember Red - Marcus Bros.
      Michael Miller
            Show Your Skin - Michael Miller Fabrics
            Nature Walk - Michael Miller Fabrics
            Michael Miller New In June
            Yard Birds, Etc.
            Hello World - Moda Fabrics
            Grand Traverse Bay - Moda
            Collect 10th Anniversary - Moda
            Spotted - Moda
            Sticks & Stones - Moda
            Modern BG Luster - Moda
            The Morris Jewels - Moda Fabrics
            Maven - Moda
            Holly Woods - Moda
            Bee Inspired - Moda
            Sweet Cherry Wine - Moda
            Reel Time - Moda
            Nocturne - Moda
            Portsmouth - Moda
            Modern BG Paper - Moda
            Polka Dots Paisleys - Moda
            Modern BG Ink - Moda
            Shibori - Moda
            Atelier De France - Moda
            Sweet Blend by Edyta Sitar- Moda
            Moda Essentially Yours
            Grunge Hits The Spot - Moda
            Anns Arbor - Moda
            Essentially Yours - Moda Dots
            Collection Compassion - Moda
            Purebred by Erin Michael - Moda Fabrics
            Blushing Peonies - Moda
            Silver Linings - Moda
            Midnight Garden - Moda
            Southern Exposure - Moda
            Olives Flower Market - Moda
            Pumpkin Pie - Moda
            Summer Breeze IV - Moda
            Quill - Moda
            William Morris 2017 - Moda
            Mama's Cottage - Moda
            New Hope - Moda
            Dear Mum by Robin Pickens - Moda
            Pepper Flax - Moda
            Feed Sacks True Blue - Moda
            Regency Blues - Moda
            Jo's Shirtings - Moda
            ColorWorks Premium Solids - Northcott
            Maplewood - Northcott
            Ebony & Ivory - Northcott
            Shimmer - Northcott
            Northcott - New In December 2016
            New Stars & Stripes - Northcott
            Swizzle Stix - Northcott
            Farmers Market - Northcott
            Stars & Stripes - Northcott
            Canvas - Northcott
      P&B Textiles
            P & B Textiles - White on White
            Earthtones 2 - P & B Textiles
            P & B Textiles New In June 2018
      RJR Fabrics
      Quilting Treasures
            Wanderlust - Quilting Treasures
            Confetti Blossoms - Quilting Treasures
            Ombre Scroll & Dots - Quilting Treasures
            Sewing Seeds - Quilting Treasures
            Peanuts - All Stars - Quilting Treasures
            Quilting Treasures New In April
            Unbridled - Quilting Treasures
            Quilting Treasures New In November
            Fowl Play - Quilting Treasures
            Ombre Stitches - Quilting Treasures
            Caravan - Quilting Treasures
            Colebrook - Quilting Treasures
            Rule The Road - Quilting Treasures
            Classic Remington - Quilting Treasures
            Snoopy The Flying Ace - Quilting Treasures
      South Seas Imports
            Blenders - South Sea Imports
      Timeless Treasures
            Java Blenders - Timeless Treasures
            Metallic Blenders - Timeless Treasures
      Wilmington Prints
            Morning Coffee - Wilmington Prints
            Widebacks - Wilmington
            A Day At The Lake - Wilmington Prints
            Ombre Washart - Wilmington Prints
            Flowers of the Sun - Wilmington Prints
            Early To Rise - Wilmington Prints
            Spring Ahead - Wilmington Prints
            Le Cafe - Wilmington Prints
            Quiet Bunny - Wilmington Prints
            Walking On Sunshine - Wilmington Prints
            Learning The Ropes - Wilmington Prints
            Mod About You - Wilmington Prints
            Follow The Sun - Wilmington Prints
            Heritage - Wilmington Prints
            Indi-glow - - Wilmington Prints
            Oh Deer! - Wilmington Prints
            After The Snow - Wilmington Prints
            Snowy Friends - Wilmington Prints
            Tres Graphique - Wilmington Prints
            Dog Wisdom - Wilmington Prints
            Homestead - Wilmington Prints
            Garden Gathering - Wilmington Prints
            Land of Liberty - Wilmington Prints
            A Bee's Life - Wilmington Prints
            Amber Reflections - Wilmington Prints
            Autumn Grove - Wilmington Prints
      Windham Fabrics
            Galileo by Whistler Studio - Windham Fabrics
            The Blue And The Grey - Windham Fabrics
            Sylvie - Windham Fabrics
            Art History 101 - Windham Fabrics
            Measure - Windham Fabrics
            Love From Paris - Windham Fabrics
            Silo - Windham
            Meridian - Windham
            Color Wall - Windham Fabrics
            Tool Time - Windham Fabrics
            Mary's Blenders - Windham Fabrics
            The Golden Age - Windham Fabrics
            Destination Paris - Windham Fabrics
            Sampler c. 1870-1890 - Windham Fabrics
            Riverbanks - Windham Fabrics
            Coast To Coast - Windham Fabrics
            The Hen House - Windham Fabrics
            Palette - Windham Fabrics
            International Coffee - Windham Fabrics
            Bee My Sunshine - Windham Fabrics
            Adele - Windham Fabrics
            Farmhouse Living - Windham Fabrics
            Romance - Windham Fabrics
      Other Fabric Companies
            The World Of SusyBee
            Hildy The Goat - Susybee Textiles
            Digital Prints by Connie Haley - 3 Wishes
            Penelope - Ink & Arrow for Quilting Treasures
            Sarah French No. 5 - Washington Street Studios
            Patriotic Pride - Studio E Fabrics
            Little Explorers - Studio E
            Ashtyn - Ink & Arrow
            Shadowland by Jason Yenter - Kona Bay
            When I Am Big - Henry Glass
            Henry Glass - New In October
            Red Rooster New In April
            Antebellum Period - Washington Street Studio
Books and Magazines
      Books - Applique
      Books - Pieced
      Books - Technique
      Magazines & DVDs
      Newer Patterns
      BJ Designs
      Laura Heine - Collage Art
      Laundry Basket - Edyta Sitar
      Calico Carriage - Debby Maddy
      Karen Montgomery
Fat Quarter Frenzy
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