Tennessee Quilts

Big-Print Patchwork by Sandy Turner - That Patchwork Place
Quilt patterns for large-scale prints.
Love the fabric but not sure how to use it? Make a one-of-a-kind quilt!
Choose from seven eye-catching projects and browse a gorgeous gallery for additional ideas.

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Quilter's 10" Square Precut Companion - C & T Publishing
By Jenny Doan and the team at Missouri Star Quilt Company
Handy reference guide and 20+ block patterns featuring Layer Cakes, 10" Stackers, Ten Squares & more.

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Modern Quilt Magic by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
17 captivating projects...5 parlor tricks to expand your piecing skills!
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Handfuls of Scraps by Edyta Sitar - Laundry Basket Quilts
36 inspiring antique quilts
15 scrappy quilt pattern, including English piecing and Broderie applique

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Ref # feb19book2      $27.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Stashtastic! by Doug Leko - That Patchwork Place
12 Patterns for fat-quarter friendly quilts in 2 colorways.
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Ref # jan19book1      $25.99 ea.         Quantity:  

Pillow Talk by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts
Makeover your interior style with these dazzling pillow covers. Twenty-five designs for holidays, seasons, styles and sentiments. Simple different techniques, including paper piecing and applique in these quick projects with quick tips from Edyta.
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Ref # jan20book1      $28.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Sisterhood of Scraps by Lissa Alexander
Here is a dozen spectacular scrap quilts from true master, and an invitation for YOU to join the Sisterhood of Scraps!!
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Ref # jan20book2      $27.99 ea.         Quantity:  

Jelly Roll Quilt Magic by Kimberly Einmo
Kimberly presents 12 magical projects using precuts or fabrics from you own stash.
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Ref # jan20book3      $26.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam & Nicky Lintott
Immerse yourself in the sumptuous world of Jelly Rolls with 17 exciting quilting projects.
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Ref # jan20book4      $24.99 ea.         Quantity:  

Cream & Sugar - Block of the Month by It's Sew Emma Patterns
Soft browns and creams will sparkle in your Cream & Sugar quilt! Gentle neutrals take the spotlight and capture our imagination in this heirloom-inspired quilt.
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Ref # jan20book5      $24.95 ea.         Quantity:  

One Block Wonders Encore - C & T Publishing
This great new volume shows readers how to create fabulous one-block wonder quilts with a whole host of different fabrics."One-Block Wonders Encore!" features 6 original quilt projects that will teach you how to choose the right fabrics and create dramatic designs - including hollow cubes, sliced open cubes, and tumbling blocks - all with simple, practical techniques. A bold new spin on one-block quilts. You'll love everything that's new in this exciting sequel from the best-selling author of One- Block Wonders: stunning new quilts, new visual effects and new ways to add even more color to your quilts.
80 pages

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Ref # jan20book6      $24.95 ea.         Quantity:  

String Theory by Tonya Alexander
Six modern scrappy quilt projects and plans for 1 1/2" wide fabric strips.
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Ref # jan20booklet1      $25.00 ea.         Quantity:  

String Theory 2.0 by Tonya Alexander - Stash Lab Quilts
Six more modern scrappy quilt projects and plans for 1 1/2" wide fabric strips.
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Ref # jan20booklet2      $25.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Scraps & Shirttails II, Continuing The Art of Quilting Green, by Bonnie K. Hunter
13 new projects that help you reuse, re-purpose and recycle your scraps into beautiful quilts!
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Ref # jul11book1      $24.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Fast & Fun 3-Yard Quilts by Donna Robertson - Fabric Cafe

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Ref # jun19book1      $17.75 ea.         Quantity:  

the Kansas City Star Quilts Sampler by Barbara Brackman
Sew a piece of history!
Explore the archives of the Kansas City Star newspaper's quilt-block patterns with the best designs from 1928 to 1961.

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Ref # mar19book1      $29.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Step Back In Time by Paula Barnes & Mary Ellen Robison
Enjoy an all-new, jaw-dropping collection of patterns from the talented design team behind Red Crinoline Quilts.

Each quilt is paired with a fascinating true story from the 1800's.

More than 70 beautiful photos capture the style and sentiment of this unique time in American quilting history.

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Ref # mar19book2      $27.99 ea.         Quantity:  

Simple Friendships II by Kim Diehl and Jo Morton
Start with patchwork, add a few friends, and stitch it all together with gorgeous new quilt patterns from two beloved designers!
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Ref # mar19book3      $28.99 ea.         Quantity:  

Red and White Quilts - from today's top designers
Martingale; 14 patterns; 112 pages.
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Ref # nov19book1      $27.99 ea.         Quantity:  

A Country's Call by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene
Civil War Quilts and Stories of Unsung Heroines
Martingale; 14 patterns; 80 pages.

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Ref # nov19book2      $25.99 ea.         Quantity:  

Patches of Stars by Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket Quilts
17 patterns; 128 pages. A Gallery of Inspiring Antique Quilts.
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Ref # nov19book3      $29.99 ea.         Quantity:  

Handfuls of Scraps by Edyta Sitar - Laundry Basket Quilts

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Ref # oct14book1      $27.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Preserving History by Julie Hendricksen
Patchwork patterns inspired by antique quilts.
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Ref # oct16book1      $24.99 ea,         Quantity:  

Scraps & Shirttails II by Bonnie K. Hunter
Continuing the art of quilting green.
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Ref # sep18book1      $26.95 ea.         Quantity:  

More Adventures with Leaders & Enders by Bonnie K Hunter
Make even more quilts in less time!
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Ref # sep18book2      $27.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Adventures with Leaders & Enders by Bonnie K Hunter
Make more quilts in less time!
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Ref # sep18book3      $24.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Neutral Essentials with Alex Anderson
7 quilt projects using neutral colors. Fat-quarter friendly! Includes a chapter on quilting basics. 55 pages, softbound.
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Ref # Sep7bookAnderson      $17.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Milky Way - Pattern by Laundry Basket Quilts - Moda Fabrics
Size: 72 1/2" X 84 1/2"
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Ref # apr15pat3x      $10.00 yd.         Quantity:  

Make Your Bed by Leslee Evans - Martingale & Co.
Choose from 9 gorgeous bed runners with coordinating pillows, shams, and embellished sheets. Make it possible to change the look of a bedroom with the simple flip of a quilt. Experiment with new ideas and techniques on smaller projects. Includes many two-sided designs for more versatility.

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Ref # aug11book2      $26.99 ea.         Quantity:  

Transparency Quilts by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr
Master the illusion of transparency with 10 quilt projects, each with instructions for three sizes - wall, lap, and bed. These quilts have sophisticated style with a soft, graphic look to update any home decor.
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Ref # dec11book3      $27.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Friendship Triangles by Edyta Sitar - Laundry Basket Quilts
15 beautiful quilting projects, triangle exchange ideas, easy, step-by-step triangle technique.
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Ref # feb10book3      $24.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Marcia Harmening - I Love Color!
6 colorful projects.
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Ref # jul13book2      $14.99 ea.         Quantity:  

Six Halves Make a Whole Nursery - The Quilt Branch
Features four quilts made with 6 half-yard cuts. Plus toys and accessories.
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Ref # jun16book4      $18.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Start Quilting with Alex Anderson - 3rd Edition
*Evertthing first-time quiilters need to succeed
*8 quick projects..most in 4 sizes

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Ref # mar15book5      $14.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Singular Stars by Judy Martin
Included are one traditional quilt and 17 exciting new Lone Stars unlike any you have seen before.
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Ref # may18book1      $30.00 ea.         Quantity:  

The Kansas City Stars: Best of 2013 - Kansas City Star Quilts
Favorite quilt patterns from the historic Star collection
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Ref # nov13book2      $27.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Urbanologie - Sew Kind of Wonderful - Contemporary Quilt Design
Create contemporary themed sampler quilt with a fresh modern vibe, or each block can create a quilt of its own!

Pattern uses Quick Curve Ruler

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Ref # nov16booklet1      $26.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Curvy Log Cabin Quilts by Jean Ann Wright - Landauer Publishing
8 Easy to make projects.
Learn to make curvy Log Cabin blocks the traditional cut-to-size way or with the Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool. Combine the blocks to create circles, waves, and other interesting quilt designs.

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Ref # oct17book3      $18.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Patches of Blue by Edyta Sitar - Laundry Basket Quilts
Softcover Book
Discover the classic combination of blue and white in a collection of breathtaking quilts that's sure to capture your imagination. Acclaimed author and designer Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts shares dozens of antique quilts in a gallery of inspiring photos and follows with patterns for 17 gorgeous quilt designs. Mixed in with the stunning array of quilts and patterns are photographs taken in and around Edyta's home in southern California. Take a journey with Edyta as she embraces her fresh start in a new location, exploring the beauty surrounding her. Her signature style is artfully reflected in exquisite shades of blue and white.

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Ref # feb18book3      $28.99 ea.         Quantity:  

Fresh from the Prairies - Lavigne and Smith
Kansas City Star Book - Pickledish press. 12 Quilts that capture the spirit of the West.
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Ref # jul13book3      $27.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Quilting the New Classics by Michele Muska
20 inspired quilt projects from traditional to modern designs
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Ref # mar15book6      $21.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Cream & Sugar Block of the Month Pattern Booklet -- It's Sew Emma
Size: 80 1/2 x 80 1/2
We recommend a variety of Edyta Sitar's "Snoma" prints or Di Ford Hall's "Clotted Creams and Caramels"

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Ref # may19bk1      $24.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Scraps & Shirttails II by Bonnie K. Hunter - Kansas City Star Quilts

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Ref # nov13book3      $24.95 ea.         Quantity:  

American Quilts - The Democratic Art by Robert Shaw
A fascinating chronicle of the growth and evolution of an art form with a rich heritage as well as a revealing portrait of what it has meant and what it means to be an American. Spanning over four centuries, it's the first book to cover the entire historical panorama of quiltmaking in the United States, and will delight art and quilt enthusiasts and collectors alike with its spectacular archive of quilt masterpieces.
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Ref # mar15book7      $30.00 ea.         Quantity:  

Quilts From Tilda's Studio by Tone Finnanger
Fourteen quilts, many with matching pillows, are shown with gorgeous photography, in-depth instructions, piecing diagrams and full-size templates.

Cut, piece, baste, quilt and bind your way into Tilda's world with this stunning pattern book, and make exquisite quilts that you'll cherish forever.

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Ref # mar20book1      $24.99 ea.         Quantity:  

Sew Sweet by Sirly Girls Design
8 new, beautiful quilt patterns.
Baby & lap size instructions for every quilt!

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Ref # dec13book1      $21.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Seems Like Scrappy by Rebecca Silbaugh - That Patchwork Place
The look you love with fat quarters and precuts.
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Ref # jul15book5      $29.99 ea.         Quantity:  

15 Minutes of Play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Create a unique piece of "made-fabric" in just 15 minutes with Victoria's improvisational scrap-piecing methods.

Includes 11 fun challange exercises to strengthen your creative muscles, plus a quilt gallery full of inspirational images.

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Ref # mar13book2      $27.95 ea.         Quantity:  

Quick As A Wink - 3 Yard Qui8lts by Donna Robertson

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Ref # sep20booklet116_00      $16.00 ea.         Quantity:  

New York Beauties & Flying Geese by Carl Hentsch
Foreword by Tula Pink
10 Dramatic Quilts, 27 Pillows, 31 Block Patterns

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Ref # jul17book4      $27.95 ea.         Quantity:  

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