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Twist - and - Turn Bargello Quilts - Eileen Wright
Here are bargello quilts like you've never seen before! Instead of streaking up and down, these 11 designs wave, twist, and curve to create beautiful shapes with incredible movement.
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One-Block Wonders of the World - Maxine Rosenthal and Linda Bardes

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One-Block Wonders - Maxine Rosenthal and Linda Bardes
One fabric, one shape, one-of-a-kind quilts!
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Making Faces in Fabric by Melissa Averinos
Learn several different ways of creating facial features.
Comprehensive lessons on fabric choices, color, and shading.

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Pineapple Play Quilts & Projects by Jean Ann Wright
14 projects using Crative Grids 10-inch Pineapple Trim Tool
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Marvelous Miters - Susan K. Cleveland
Learn this simple technique to miter borders on blocks and quilts.
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Block Heads - Moda
Six celebrity quilt designers unite to share this compendium of 48 stunning quilt blocks plus six spectacular sampler-quilt patterns to shocase the beautiful blocks you make. Designers include Lisa Bongean, Betsy Chutchian, Lynne Hagmeier, Jo Morton, Jan Patek, and Carrie Nelson.
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Penny Haren's Pieced Applique - Intricate Blocks Made Easy
Innovative techniques for creating perfect blocks for successful projects.
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Seeing Spots 2.0 by Carl Hentsch
This quilt is a variation of the quilt found in the New York Beauties and Flying Geese Book. The quilt uses 28 different Kaffe Spots while the ooriginal used 32 fabrics.

Size - 42 1/2" X 56 1/2"

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Color Play - Second Edition - Joen Wolfrom
* Expanded & updated

* A feast for your eyes - over 100 new quilt photos show how to use color effectively

* A must-have reference; includes swatches of tints, shades, and tones for all 24 colors in the Ives Color Wheel

* A spark for your imagination: Try out five different color schemes for each of the 24 colors.

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Fabulous Feathers & Fillers - Sue Nickels
Everything you need to design and sew your own home machine feathers and fillers quilting.
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New York Beauties & Flying Geese by Carl Hentsch
* Forward and fabric selections by Tula Pink.
* Dramatic curves and angles for today's adventurous quilter.
* Complex piecing made simple! Learn new tips and techniques and expand your skill set for curved and foundation piecing.

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Louisa Smith Strips'N Curves - Quilt Escapes - The Basic Set II
4 piece acrylic template set.
To be used with the basic set.

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Mariner's Compass Book and Ruler - Robin Ruth Desins - Fat Robin
16 Sizes from 6" to 36"

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Adventures in Design by Joen Wolfrom
* Everything you need to know about the essential of good design from an internationally renowned expert.
* Learn about the key elements of design and how to apply strategies for success.
* Practice what you've learned with exercises at the end of each chapter.

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Mariner's Compass Book and Ruler - Robin Ruth Desins
16 Sizes from 6" to 36"

For use with Skinny Robin 45 degree Mariner's Compass Ruler and/or Fat Robin 60 degree Mariner's Compass Ruler

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Strips 'N Curves - Quilt Escapes 5 Piece Acrylic Template Set
The mini beg and borrow set - Finished block size 6"
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Not Just Hexies by Cheryl L. See
Contemporary English Paper Pieced Projects
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Fracture Frenzy by Brenda Esslinger
One of a kind fractured art quilts using the original strip piecing technique by Brenda Esslinger.
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Q is for Quilt - Diana McClun and Laura Nownes
19 bright, cherry projects made with traditional blocks such as Nine Patch, Square-in-a-Square, and Houses. Start with simple blocks and techniques and proceed to more challenging designs. Choose fabrics and supplies with confidence.
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Stripology Mixology - GE Designs
13 Quilts using 10" and 5" squares and 2 1/2" and 1 1/2" strips
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Stripology Squared - GE Designs
10 quilts made from 10" squares
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Mini Wonderful Curves by Jenny Pedigo & Helen Robinson
for Sew Kind of Wonderful with Sherilyn Mortensen
16 inspirational quilting designs and 16 gorgeous seasonal projects using the Mini Quick Curve Ruler.

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Magic Design-Ratio Tool by Joen Wolfrom
* Create beautifully balanced designs every time
* Unique at-a-glance slide chart
* Essential tool for quilters, artists & designers

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Blue & White by Minick and Simpson
Living with textiles you love!!

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Jelly Roll Quilt Magic by Kimberly Einmo

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15 Minutes of Play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe - Improvisational Quilts
See what can happen when you make time to play! Create a unique piece of "made-fabric" in just 15 minutes with Victoria's methods. Learn how to incorporate your made-fabric into traditional blocks, then watch you quilt design emerge.
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We Love Color - Compiled by Susanne Woods
A fresh selection of bold and beautiful quilts in both modern and traditional styles. Experiment with precision piecing, improvisational quilting, or applique.
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Cathedral Window Quilt & Pillow - Shabby Fabrics.com
Featuring the Heather Collection by Jennifer Bosworth for Maywood Studios
Quilt finishes to: 36" X 54"
Pillow finishes to: 13" X 13"

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Fabricadabra by Paula Nadelstern
* Discover the hidden potential in your stash!

* Understand symmetry in fabrics and fool the eye with daring design strategies.

* Fussy cut prints to perfection with self-drafted templates and camouflage seams for luminous effects.

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Show Me How to Plan My Quilting - Kathy Sandbach
Learn how to build the machine quilting into your project from the start. 6 complete projects and more than 30 quilting designs. 63 pages, softbound.
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Visual Coloring - Joen Wolfrom
A foolproof approach to color-rich quilts.
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Hunter Star Quilts Beyond by Jan Krentz
9 Hunter Star projects use Jan's clever pieced or quick-fused methods with easy step-by-step instructions and charts; Soft cover, 110 pages.
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